Iran Beats Down Protestors With LOTR Trilogy

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After a bit of drama today with one of our older posts, there’s nothing better than a nice comedic post to brighten things up and today’s comedic post comes from troubled Iran. Now this hasn’t got anything to do with the political situation in Iran (not going to get into that here) but actually comes from the state’s second television channel. In an effort to keep people inside and not out in the street protesting, this channel has started airing more western movies than the normal 1 or 2 per week. This week, it has decided to air a Lord Of The Rings marathon, which is obviously all 3 movies. Depending on whether they air the normal or extended editions, that will keep potential protesters occupied for at least 8 hours. Yeah, nice job guys. Apart from just the absurdity of trying to keep people occupied by airing a LOTR marathon, it’s interesting that they chose these films. After all the LOTR trilogy is about a band of warriors who fight against a rising evil and try and put an end to it once and for all. So isn’t this going to inspire people to fight even more if anything, if you take the protesters as the warriors against a rising evil that is Ahmadinejad. But hey, I think most people in Tehran and the rest of the Iran are more worried about their country right now than what films are on channel two.


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