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Introducing: WatchPlayReadSmell

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We at WatchPlayRead are very excited to introduce a new, groundbreaking technology to our site!

WatchPlayRead has been hard at work with top synthetics researchers to bring you a brand new way to experience the site. We believe that, while audio and video has certainly helped spread the influence of online journalism, there is still much to go to fully immerse a growing audience. Now, after 3 long years of research and development, we are finally ready to launch:


Though currently in alpha stages, WatchPlayReadSmell will bring a whole new way to not only read, but experience our articles. Utilizing specially selected colors tuned to specific frequencies, we are able to synthetically emulate an odor relating to the article you are reading. Combine these frequencies with mild friction (please use your finger, WatchPlayRead is not responsible for damages caused to monitors from using foreign objects) and the scent will be activated. For this launch we’ve provided three drastically different scents to showcase what WatchPlayReadSmell will bring to the table.


Let’s say that Michael Bay just announced some new screenshots for his latest blockbuster film. The movie is still in early stages, so we haven’t been graced with even a teaser trailer to get you thoroughly hyped. So how do we get the white knuckle action feeling of a Michael Bay film, when the provided images are less than stellar? Why not a freshly detonated explosion?


Website visionary Xopher Reed has done a brilliant job getting normally sedentary people off the couch and exercising with the No Hungy podcast, but we believe that we can do even better. In this scent, we’ve synthesized the pure masculinity of Xopher, fresh off a 7 mile run. Our extended research has also found this scent to be a great aphrodisiac, so get your favorite lady in front of the screen for this one (we’ve made the sample smaller on purpose…the sexuality is strong in this one).


Anime is easily one of our most complicated scents to synthesize for your smelling pleasure, but we wanted to prove that WatchPlayReadSmell can be implemented for every situation. By combining the smell of Pocky, fresh Pokemon cards, Evan Burkey, and a squid’s tentacle, we believe we have accomplished the impossible, but that’s up to you to decide.

If you’re having trouble activating the scent please watch the following instructional video, narrated by Ryan Thomason. Good luck, and happy smelling!

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