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Intersect from Image Comics is Twisted and Weird, yet Beautiful

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Yes, Intersect is a beautifully trippy ride though morphing bodies and story.


Intersect #1 and #2
Writer/Artist: Ray Fawkes
Publisher: Image Comics

Release date: November 19th and December 17, 2014

Order copies of Intersect #1 (Cover A – Fawkes), Intersect #2 (Cover A – Fawkes) to be delivered right to you, so you never have to leave the house!

First off, this doesn’t look like your typical comic book. The pages are painted, and wonderfully so. While that does leave out perhaps more intricate details that you may be used to, that I’m used to. What Ray Fawkes delivers on his canvas is interesting, to say the least.

Something is happening to the city, we’re not sure if it’s happening all over the world, but people are changing. Some are melding with stoves, some have two faces, one for sure turned into a giant werewolf looking monster that kills everything it finds. We start off with two people, well, three people, but two of them inhibit one body. A man and a woman sharing a body to be exact, and a kid that is growing out of someone else. The story is very vague so far, at times you’re wondering what the heck you’re reading, yet, you want to know more. It’s twisted, creepy and at times grotesque; yet it is completely readable. Why? Because, this is something that we’re not used to and it’s worth exploring the boundaries.

Ray Fawkes is onto something truly different here, while this is a comic I couldn’t normally pick up and read out of curiosity, I am happy our comics editor here at WPR assigned it to me. Intersect is building a story worth following, and Fawkes is simply delivering in the story aspect along with his art. I suggest this for someone who keeps saying they want something “different,” Intersect is off to a good start, lets hope it stays on track.

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