Indie Game: Vessel

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Just recently jumped into a new indie game I saw on steam called Vessel.   You play the role of Arkwright the inventor of liquid based automatons.  The game progresses as a puzzle based game where you need to solve problems caused by your inventions most of the time.  The world is very steampunk in design.  Lots of pistons, gears and steam powered engines.  You are armed with “Seeds” which allow you to gather up liquids into automations that then are programmed to perform certain tasks.

These tasks include standing on top of platforms like you see above and opening doors.  The little guys seem to be quite well programmed to perform the tasks you need them to do.  The puzzles are more about getting to the liquid to make the automaton and less about making the little guy do what he needs to do.

Soon after you master this skill you are given another ability that includes a backpack that allows you to suck up liquids and shoot them out at a later time or use that liquid to make automatons.

I really like the steampunk graphics.  Primarily I like how there are layers of graphics that your character walked behind and in front of during play.  I haven’t played the whole game thought but I have to say that the puzzles and mechanisms are very original aside from the pressure plates which seem a lot like portal pressure plates and the  automations sometimes operate like a companion cube.

What I enjoy just messing with is the liquid physics used in this game. Its sometimes fun simply to stand in the flow of water or spray water indiscriminately just to watch the water flow around the map.  If you have $15 I highly recommend buying the game if you cannot manage that there is a very short demo you can play on steam for free.  Take a look at let me know what you think.

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