Ryan Thomason

Incorruptible #10

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Mark Waid is a great writer that is one thing that I’ve discovered since I’ve gotten into comic books for the first time in what seems like forever. So when Boom! Comics sent us the newest Incorruptible I figured I might as well come to the party and see what this is all about.

Max Damage is a supervillian turned good guy it seems, but the FBI still has him on the Most Wanted List. Plutonian is a jerk of a superhero that killed a few million and it turned Max Damage to the other side, at least that is what I get from the ‘helping you get caught up page’ which seriously saved me some a lot of confusion jumping in 10 issues deep.

There is a white supremacist group that has a new 220 Million dollar combat vehicle of destruction and they waste no time in putting it into operation. Looking to finish what Plutonian started The Jailbait character is apparently a new version, I’m guessing the previous one was killed? It doesn’t matter, because even though she is ‘of age’ Jailbait is a great character to not only look at, but read. I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but honestly, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you are not reading this comic.

I understand now why Chad, who used to do these comic reviews, was so into this series. It’s wonderfully written, and the artwork by Horacio Domingues is seriously top notch. I don’t even have to think about if I’m going to take a couple of comics to read it or not. I’m sold. Boom Studios, please keep this coming onto desk for review. You guys (my readers) though, should be getting this, and all the back issues into your hold, if you can’t do that and would rather wait, you better pick up the trades!

Score: $3.99/$3.99

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