In which Sony makes another bad decision

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Oh Sony, when will you ever learn? According to a Japanese business paper, Nikkei, (via Kotaku), Sony will begin R&D on a gaming cellphone within the month. Now, I can stop typing here and your face should already be located in your palm. But let me continue. Apparently this phone is being built to “better compete with Apple Inc’s…iPhone”. Here’s the problem though, the iPhone is not “a gaming phone”. It is a phone which many developers have made games for.

Now, let me give you a word of advice Sony. In the past you have excelled in the areas in which you competed in. PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were amazing machines that advanced the gaming industry. But recently the PlayStation 3 hasn’t been doing so hot, and I know the PlayStation Portable hasn’t been the commercial success you were hoping for. And despite your inability to dominate in the console market and handheld market, you are going to try to go head-to-head with the fucking iPhone in the cellphone market? Sony, you are trying to stick your dick into too many areas of the industry, but in the end you’re only going to fuck yourself.

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