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I’m Getting an Ouya

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I decided on a whim that when the Ouya is available in stores or is actually purchasable online and not merely a “pre-order” device, that I want to get one. I’ll explain why.


It has fuckall to do with the open source nature of the console, nor does it have anything to do with the list of indie developers that are lining up to release software on it…hell, it’s not even the size, cost, or what have you. I’ll tell you exactly why I am getting this:


Yep, I just used a naughty word. I said it. But since it’s going to be running a version of Android Jelly-Bean, I’m going to root the damn thing, install emulators for all my old systems, and grab the ROMs for each. I’ve got an assload of older consoles and this nice, tiny, wireless console is going to make my entertainment center a hell of a lot less cluttered. If it could play blu-ray, it would be replacing my PS3 right now…but alas it doesn’t.

I wasn’t sure if I would pick one up until I started thinking of the implications of running an already vibrantly easy to mod OS that prides itself on customization. I hesitate to think that this will essentially become a cellphone with a controller that you hook up to a television, but with the system specs the way they are and Android being open for anything…I can’t help but think I could do the same with my Galaxy Note 2 using screen share and a six axis controller…but hey, I’m willing to support an indie piece of hardware.

That is until the Steam Box comes out. Then it’s truly game-on.

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