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I Review Chef Shows: Top Chef

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Yeah, I like cooking shows, though I’m not a fancy pants cook by any means. I honestly don’t understand 90% of the stuff people are doing on this show. It’s fine dining, and I don’t think I’ve ever partaken in eating of that sort. This show just gives me a reason to say while I’m making mac and cheese out of a box that it has a cheese reduction with a frothy milk sauce in a elbow macaroni served el dente. Whatever the hell all that means, it just makes me feel like less of a lazy cooking slob. So, with one episode left, should you be watching?

I think there was a reason this show won an Emmy for best Reality TV. It’s fun to watch, and they usually get very interesting people to participate on the show. Tom is a great judge, and if you can get back the bitchy aura that host Padma has, the show is great. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t understand a lot of what they are doing, or why things need to be acidic or whatnot. I like to think I’m learning, and this show won’t get me in trouble like watching Everyday Italian would on the Food Network. You guys know who I’m talking about, and if you don’t, do some research and than me later.

I’m shooting for Angelo to win it all in the final, I’m not too hot on the other two guys, plus Angelo owns a sandwich shop. We all know sandwiches are awesome. He’s been a very strong competitor but it wasn’t good when on the preview for the next episode, he’s in his hotel room in Singapore getting a shot in the ass because he’s sick. Probably should have stayed out of the adults only venues I think. Immaturity aside, my wife and I have been watching this show for probably the last 4 or 5 seasons. We love it, and wish we weren’t so damn lazy as cooks to try and attempt all the cool stuff they do on the show.

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