I Didn’t Always Like Resident Evil

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I could easily criticize little kids for playing games that aren’t meant for them, but I would be being hypocritical as I was often exposed to games not meant for me at the age of 5. For example the first time I played Grand Theft Auto was at 4 years old. Anyway Resident Evil was a series that while I’d watch, I’d not play, because I was scared to death of it, and not for the reason that you may think. No it wasn’t the zombies themselves that managed to scare me but a double team of my family and my 5 year old imagination.

You see like any older Brother, mine liked to tease his little Brother a lot. So when Resident Evil 2 came out and he and my Dad played it and loved it and I loved to watch them play it. I guess my brother thought it would be funny if he pretended to be a zombie. Obviously, being 5 years old and having a strong imagination at the time, this promptly scared the hell out of me and I guess I would have cried to my parents. You’d think it would end there, but NO my parents decide to join in on the act. So now 5 year old me thinks his whole family are zombies and are trying to eat him. Wonderful. Looking back I can laugh at the situation. Either I had a very strong imagination or I was blissfully unaware of anything outside of my family and friends. This didn’t end with just Resident Evil 2 though.

When Resident Evil 3 came out, they started being zombies again, but now a 7 year old me was pretending to fight back. Where my imagination comes into it is that I thought the zombies would actually come out of the Resident Evil discs and come for me. It made it hard to sleep some nights and looking back, I was too paranoid for my own good and I even had nightmares about Resident Evil, and later on, Nemesis. What’s even weirder is that both my older Brother and Dad actively played Silent Hill and that’s a much scarier game but that didn’t affect me at all.

Of course this fear has become very ironic since I’ve grown up. It took me a while but I eventually gathered to courage to play my first Resident Evil game, which would be the 4th entry and while I was a little jumpy at first, I loved it so much. After this I went back and played through the other main games and I’m so glad I did. I conquered my fear and got to experience a great series at the same time. I’m now a big fan of the series and looking forward mostly to what the future brings (except shit like Wii ports of RE0 and RE1, that’s just not cool). Perhaps if it hadn’t been for my family and my imagination, then I wouldn’t have been looking so forward to Resident Evil 5 coming out tomorrow. Cheers for scaring the shit out of me.

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