Sarah Eitelberg

Hunter X Hunter is Back! Viz Has the Hook Up for You Once Again

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In the world of Hunter X Hunter, Hunter’s are licensed professional treasure hunters,  bounty hunters, explorers and overall general bad asses. The manga starts with a young boy named Gon who discovers not only is his father alive but he is a well accomplished Hunter. Gon decided right then and there he will become a great Hunter like his father and hopefully reunite with him. Setting out to take the Hunter Examination, a series of brutal tests that test the individual’s skill and talent, Gon befriends a group of Hunters in training along the way. During their trails  they help each other out through dangerous tasks, strengthening their bond and friendship along the way. Hunter X Hunter’s creator Yoshihiro Togashi announced after a two hiatus, Gon and his friends will continue their exciting adventures as the manga is retuning to  both English and Japanese versions of Weekly Shonen Jump in June!

Viz Media, friend to all anime and manga nerds, is celebrating Hunter X Hunter‘s return by having an awesome digital and print promotion! Volumes 1-32 of Hunter X Hunter are all on sale. Two dollars, yes $2.00, off online copies that can be viewed on just about any electronic device  and  40 % off print additions. A great way to catch up on the 340 chapters or to dive into the exciting world that Togashi’s created for the first time. Sale goes from May 26th to June 9th so make sure you don’t miss your chance to see if Gon can achieve his goal to becoming the greatest Hunter ever!




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