Robert Chesley

Hulu Adding Over 150 Criterion Collection Films

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According to the Hulu blog, they are adding a major value for members of Hulu Plus.

From Hulu:

Hulu Plus has commercial breaks, but Criterion films will be presented with ads up front, and no breaks in the films.

Supplemental features (commentaries, interviews, making-of features, etc) will be available over time.

Some titles will be available free on Hulu each month, and all will play on any device supported by Hulu Plus.

For now, this is US only. Sorry.

Some of the films released will be movies in the Criterion library that haven’t had proper release in a long time, if ever. Jean-Pierre Melville‘s Le Silence de la Mer is mentioned.

For film buffs, this is great news. Many of these titles are really hard to find and Criterion Collection films are notoriously expensive. I’m really excited to catch some of these films myself. This is a really smart move that separates their product from Netflix. Having Ads at just the beginning is a really smart move. I wish all the videos had this option.

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