Alan Smithee

How I Love Nerdrage

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this is the living being inside all of us when things don't go the way they're expected

How many times have you felt absolute blinding rage at losing or changing a password? You know what I mean, those times where your piece of blinking uber-hardware just mocks you with its unwillingness to work. It just sits there silently judging you and making you feel more and more like a caveman with each failed attempt.

Passwords have become a commonplace in the geek world and I’ve forgotten my fair share, and become extremely agitated at the situation…but never quite to the level that this guy takes it.

Warning thar be swears and name calling, so put your headphones on if you’re at work.

I’m not 100% certain but I’d be willing to bet that the roommate that was fawning indifference was secretly responsible for fucking with the guy…that’s how “bro’s” are…they’re all like “dude” and she’s all, and he’s all.

I cry for our society sometimes.

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