Homefront developers working on game-freezing issues and THQ talks price drops

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The only freezing issue I think Kaos Studios should be looking into, is the issue of freezing themselves until people forget about Homefront. Burn. Seems like things aren’t too peachy these days for THQ and Kaos Studios. Homefront has been received in a fairly lukewarm-to-cold fashion by critics since its release and now reports of game-freezing issues are popping up. Kaos Studios is apparently looking into whatever the problems are and stated it “will need a bit of time” to get things sorted out.

Consumers don’t seem to be noticing anything else wrong with the game though. It has been selling relatively well, but apparently THQ’s stock prices plummeted after the rash of poor review scores were released into the world. Followed by that, Amazon and Walmart had a price drop battle of sorts with Homefront, which reportedly had nothing to do with the poor reception of the game. THQ released this official statement on the Homefront price drops:

Amazon and Wal-Mart.com have raised the prices back up and it was a one day play to gain market share on the biggest title in the industry right now. THQ did not support this in any way, shape, or form.

Biggest title in the industry you say? I see. You mean you spent so much money on the advertising that it feels like it should be the biggest title in the industry right now. Anyway, I haven’t tried the game yet, but just from seeing all of this nonsense, I will be waiting for another price drop sometime in the future.

SOURCE: Joystiq

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