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Hollywood out of Ideas: Japanese live-action Rurouni Kenshin coming

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If you are a fan of Asian Cinema, than this could either be good news or bad. Japan and China have a knack at making some awesome movies on a shoestring budget. Rurouni Kenshin otherwise known as Samurai X, is getting a big-screen adaptation.

Now before you start going all animemoo or mangamoo on me, know that the film is actually going to be created by Warner Brothers Japan. The script isn’t done, the cast isn’t set, or the budget finalized, so take everything with a grain of salt. Kenshin, the classic anime and manga series about a sword wielding samurai, wandering in search of atonement for the sins he committed as an assassin during a great war. In my opinion, it is a similar premise to Zatoichi.

From Variety,

Takeru Sato will star as the title character Kenshin Himura, a samurai who vows to end his bloody career as an assassin and wander the country protecting the weak.

The pic is skedded to start shooting in July with a 2012 release penciled in. Warner is also releasing.

The helmer will be Keishi Otomo, a director of dramas for pubcaster NHK, who made his theatrical bow with the 2009 corporate drama ”The Vulture” (Hagetaka).

The cast will be unveiled at a later date.

Takeru Sato, who has worked on live action adaptations of Beck and Kamen Rider, is rumored to be cast as Kenshin in the film. But at the moment, not very much is known about the film. If you have seen any good live action adaptations, then you know that they typically fit into one of two categories; Awesome or Horrible. Awesome example: Casshern. Horrible example: Sailor Moon.


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