Ryan Wilson

Hidden Achievements Reveal New Mortal Kombat Details

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Just when you thought the upcoming ninth iteration of the Mortal Kombat series was out of secrets, the Xbox Live achievement list proves otherwise.

In an achievement list provided by Xbox360Achievements.org, the hidden achievements section revealed some surprising additions.

Quan-Tease (20 points)
Unlock Hidden Fighter “Quan Chi”

Cold Fusion (20 points)
Unlock Hidden Fighter “Cyber Sub-Zero”

Complet-ality (10 points)
Perform 1 of each type of “-ality”

Ultimate Humiliation (20 points)
Perform every fighter’s hidden finishing move

The first two achievements are obvious: both Quan Chi (who first appeared in Mortal Kombat 4) and Cyber Sub-Zero (who is exclusive to this game), bringing the total playable characters to 26. Complete-ality and Ultimate Humilation is where the details get a little fuzzy. Previous to now, we only knew of the addition of Fatalities, but the series has had a plethora of -alities and finishing moves: Brutalities, Animalities, Babalities, Friendship, and Hara-Kiri. What ones Mortal Kombat will include remains to be seen.

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