Alan Smithee

Herbivores Turned Carnivores

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Nature is fraught with millions of species of animals who live to eat other animals but when you’re faced with an animal that is a natural herbivore and catch them eating something that’s not a plant, you’re left with a hanging jaw and revulsion for those animals who you thought were no threat.

Some of you may wonder what the hell a post like this is doing on WPR considering we do the occasional editorial, review, and tons of news posts. Well, sometimes after cruising the Internet you’re left with a jarred sense of reality that you need to share with others. That’s where these few oddball posts we do sometimes come from.

By all means, this isn’t meant to be a catch-all of these web clips, but I happened to stumble upon two clips the other day on YouTube that left me shocked. I have to warn you, if you’re the kind who is easily disturbed by the natural order of our ecosystem or just a hater of the circle of life, then don’t watch.

The first one comes from a lady who was filming a deer grazing on her property when she notices that a bird isn’t acting quite so normal…

The second and final clip is wrong because not only does this cow eat a chicken, the players in the scene actually tethered the baby chick so that it couldn’t get away.

The worst part about the one above is the “peep peep” sounds that it makes as it disappears. I’d like to know what you guys think of this considering watching the two clips rocked my perspective on things for a little bit. I know that I’ll never think of the cartoon Cow and Chicken the same, ever again.

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