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So I just finished reading through all three issues of Dark Horse’s Hellboy: The Fury and it was impressive. The story feels very simple and straightforward, basically you have Hellboy fighting Nimue, an ancient sorceress, to save humanity (okay, maybe that doesn’t sound real simple but it feels like it). One of the great things about this fight is it is just pure unadulterated Hellboy pounding on Nimue and the creature she becomes. No guns, no sidekicks, just gruff one liners and a lot of fists to the head. Oh and he’s missing an eye.

That's some bad lightning

Writer Mike Mignola and artist Duncan Fegredo do a great job of making this “simple” story far deeper and more meaningful than just a fight. In fact beneath the fisticuffs is a very deep story that starts with a brief history of where Hellboy has been and how he winds up as the rightful king of Britain, seriously.

The first two issues set up the final issue quite well. The groundwork is quickly laid leading up to Hellboy’s confrontation with Nimue, England is being pummeled as a result of that battle and to add to the mix, Hellboy’s new girl is trying to find him but finds herself in the middle of a battle between dead/undead/reanimated Arthurian knights and giant pig, shark, goat goblins. Add to that witches, Famine, Pestilence and Death (you know, those Apocalypse folks), Excalibur and possibly the Holy Grail and you have a truly epic tale (but I was serious when I said it feels much simpler than all this).

The artwork is a stunning combination of darkness and color with loads of action and emotion. This all leads up to the conclusion of the book which I felt was handled perfectly for what Mignola obviously had planned for Hellboy and it leaves me really wanting to see what happens when the next Hellboy story-arc picks up.

I really enjoyed this story but it did have a few downsides, I found myself lost a few times as I passed between the panels of the Hellboy battle, the destruction of England and the goblin/knight fight and had to go back several times to see if I had missed something or to determine what I was seeing. Also, a lot of characters show up, both old and new that tend to pull the focus away from Hellboy. Granted, some of these characters are likely from Hellboy’s past and would make more sense to someone who might have a stronger knowledge of the history of Hellboy than I do. I’m a fan of the character but am by no means an expert so I may have missed some connections that others might make. However, I still felt a little lost with some of the side storylines.

Overall it was a good read and left me wanting to find out what happens next. The highly climatic ending really makes it worth the read. If you’re a Hellboy fan you’ve probably already been following along, if you are a more casual fan like myself or new to the franchise you’ll still be able to jump in and enjoy it.

STORY: 95%
ART: 91%

Fist of Doom meet head of dragon

Head of dragon tosses Hellboy into dust…and skeletons.

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