Robert Chesley

HBO to Netflix – Gouge Your Customers

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The powers that be at HBO have told Netflix that they do not charge their customers enough for their content to be streamed on their platform.

According to a “high ranking executive” close to the situation, HBO (a Time Warner Company), won’t allow their content to be hosted on Netflix until the company started charging its members $20 a month instead of the normal $7.99 they charge for streaming only.

Would you pay such an amount to get HBO content to your Netflix enabled device? I’m not so sure I would. I’m perfectly content waiting out for that content to come out on DVD and get it in the mail. That would make most of our Netflix accounts double or even triple in price that they are now. I don’t know if the lure of HBO could make me want to pay that much. I wouldn’t mind paying $9.99 a month for HBO content though. I think HBO might be overvaluing their legacy content. Agree? Disagree?


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