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HBO Creates Game of Thrones Occulus Rift Experience

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Last year, HBO hosted a Game of Thrones exhibition that traveled the US and this year is no different. In fact right now they’re in New York showing off what has to be one of the coolest things that I wish I could see for myself, a simulation of going up The Wall that borders the northern  border of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. You know, the 700 foot tall 300 foot long wall that is supposed to keep the White Walkers out. That one.The experience is called “Ascend the Wall” and has participants step foot into a real cage that is simulated in the presentation while it takes you up up up to the top. The two-minute experience really gets interesting as the Watch blows three horns to signify that indeed White Walkers are on their way and it’s time for you to come down…FAST.

The presentation is a mix of virtual reality display and amazing soundscape that is purported to bring you into their world complete with expertly engineered sound of the cage creaking, the winch working, and the wind of the North howling. Right now the show is running on the dev kit version of the Occulus Rift which displays only in 720p and not the new 1080p version, but from those that have experienced it, it doesn’t matter, you’re completely immersed to the point where you fear your own death during freefall from the top of The Wall.

The HBO reps say that the show is for sure headed to Austin for South By Southwest (SXSW) and then onto a slew of international sites. To see if the exhibition is headed your way, click here for the official site.

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