Alan Smithee

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Trailer #2

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Here it is wizarding fans, your second trailer for the first part of the two-part finale in the Harry Potter saga. I’m pretty impressed how awesome all of the movies have looked in the past, including the Chris Colombus ones, and it’s only gotten better the more bleak that universe has become.

I still have to catch up by watching Half-Blood Prince before I go to see this in the theatres. It’s funny how you have two different kinds of critic-proof movies, the really good ones, and the farty ones (I’m looking squarely at you Resident Evil). The release date looms ever so close in its lofty November 19th hideaway, but rest assured, we’ll get there, and not soon after, Tron Legacy.

I’m going to love the movies this winter.

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