Hard Corps: Uprising – First Impressions

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Contra Reincarnated.
If you’ve been keeping an eye on the What’s New section of Xbox Live you may have seen this game being advertised.  Konami and Arc System Works are the ones to thank for this little jewel.  Highly suggest checking out the free demo.
Hard Corps:  Uprising is part of the Contra world and is set in the time frame between Contra III:  The Alien Wars and Contra:  Hard Corps.  You get to choose from one of 4 characters:  Bahamut, Krystal, Harley Daniels, or Sayuri.  The gameplay is simple with the classic run and gun of the classic Contra games.  Weapon capsules not only change your weapons, but can upgrade with successive pickups to make them more powerful.  Unlike the originals you can now take a few hits before dying instead of one.  New anime style graphics add an interesting flair onto the already venerable

Video shows a good amount of gameplay from the classic spreadshot to a few new guns as well.  Also shows the anime style cutscenes at the opening of the game.

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