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Halo 5 Concept Art Has Been Found

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I can already hear the monks chanting in the background….
Since a possible Halo 5 for Xbox One was first teased at last years E3, Halo fans(myself included) have been patiently waiting to see or hear of any evidence that a new Halo game was actually going to make it’s promised 2014 launch date. Well the wait is over….kind’ve. This week Microsoft’s Halo PR manager, Rob Semsey, tweeted out “Rest assured your next Halo journey WILL begin in 2014.” #staycalm. This came in response to Halo fan’s concern of finding no Halo game listed for Xbox One in 2014 on a Xbox Wire report. Semsey then in a separate tweet, also mentioned the reason the Halo game hadn’t be listed was because no official title had been given yet to the new game.
Now if all that tweeting isn’t proof enough for you, today 343 Studio’s posted a pretty cool new piece of concept art presumably for the upcoming game on Halo waypoint. In the post the concept art is described as “an early exploration of a new location that features prominently in a little game project we’re tinkering with”. Right….just some little game they’re tinkering with huh. Considering the UNSC Infinity is predominately featured, I’m guessing they don’t really expect this to be a secret.

So what do you think about this cool new concept art? Is it enough to get your trigger finger twitching, or are you gonna need a little more than art and tweets to make you a believer that Halo 5, or whatever they’re calling it, is gonna make it’s deadline and be in our hands this year. Let us know, sound off below!!!…Also, watch out for the plasma grenades, and please no tea-bagging.

Halo 5 is rumored for release late 2014….maybe

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