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Half-Life 2 Minerva Mod for FREE

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minerva-metastasis_portal.0Do you own Half-Life 2 on your PC? Do you want to play an awesome mod for it? How does the cost of NOTHING sound?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of the project that Adam Foster created where instead of being a mod that essentially tried to rewrite the game with new add-ons, it was more of a self story that he created to go along with that universe.

The name comes from the ‘guide’ in the game who is helping you (the player) survive an island full of Combine…but there’s a twist that I won’t ruin for you.

It came out in 2007 as episodic content but now is getting an official Steam release for free for those that already have Half-Life 2 as you’ll need all of the assets that the game uses. The great news is that there will be improvements across the board, whether it be visuals, bugs, or just the puzzles in general.

Some of you Valve geeks might think that Adam Foster’s name is familiar, well he WAS doing all of this Minerva stuff in his free time until he got actually hired on by Valve to work on the mythic Episode 3 but also spent a good chunk of his time working on Portal 2 for which he lent his design beliefs that structures shouldn’t be created for gameplay purposes alone, they should serve as functional environments FIRST.

Interesting read over on Wikipedia about the guy’s work if you’ve got the time today.


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