Ryan Wilson

Guild Wars 2: Beta Weekend 3 – First Impressions

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With Guild Wars 2’s third beta weekend drawing to a close, does the game have enough going for it to warrant a $60 purchase?

Note: The following impressions are from a early version of the game, and may not reflect any final content. The reviewer played the game at maximum graphical settings on a Windows 7 PC.

For this Beta Weekend, I strictly stuck with the two newly unlocked character types: the Asura (a small, intelligent race with an impressive handle on automatons) and the Sylvari (a fairly new race of plant people). Both starting worlds were drastically different, almost as if they came from two different games. First, I started with the Sylvari race, and the starting world made my jaw drop. Guild Wars 2 looks absolutely beautiful (granted I was playing on the highest settings). The Asura starting world was equally as impressive, giving off a very steampunk feel.

As a former player of Guild Wars, it’s sequel features a massively improved combat system. Even though you’re still using the tried and true “press a number to use different attacks” that have been the staple of MMORPGS, combat is very fluid and requires a decent amount of action game skill to survive. Many enemies are capable of dealing massive damage, so it’s imperative that you master the dodge ability…and quickly.

Though I wasn’t able to play for too long, the introduction material was incredibly satisfying, well written, and surprisingly challenging…making the hours fly by. If it wasn’t for the fact that all characters created in the beta would be wiped come time of the release, I could have sunk many hours into the experience. August 28th can’t come soon enough.

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