GSP Episode XXIV: Between Two Boners

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Thor and Rulk attempt to fix a radiator.

Great things are happening on Giant-Size Podcast this week.

-We’d like to welcome Andy Malin as a new ongoing panelist! He’ll be our retro-review specialist.

-Sam is back from his Vegas bender.

-Greg can still sing like a champ.

-And Nick harasses the UPS guy.

This week we review Age of X: Alpha, Captain America #111, Avengers #9, and The Traveller #3, with a Half-Assed-Backwards appearance by Steeltown Rockers #1.

“Watchyooreadinabout?” Sam— The Death of Captain Marvel, Andy— Captain Britain MI:13, Greg— Infestation and Memoir, Nick— Irredeemable.

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