Greg Sez #8 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Yep, that's MY store here in SLC, UT.

So, here I am, back in Utah…no longer in Hawaii…yeah. Anyhow, time to get back to work. The new edition of Greg Sez is here! This week holds a lot of cool stuff.

Marvel Comics

Avengers Academy continues to be my surprise hit of the summer. I really didn’t think too much of the premise, but writer Chris Gage (again, no relation) has really hit the nail on the head here. Ever enjoyable artist Mike McKone provides the pictures in the first part of the 3 part Scared Straight crossover with the Thunderbolts. Avengers Academy is basically a program for at risk super-kids, and this issue has them visiting the Thunderbolts in order to scare some responsibility into them, courtesy of none other than the Juggernaut! This issue also has the kids encountering the man that tortured them during Dark Reign: Norman Osborn, who is now imprisoned as well.

Dynamite Entertainment

The Boys: Highland Laddie #1 focuses on what many, myself included, feel is the lynchpin character in the monthly Boys title, Wee Hughie. This issue, he steps into the spotlight for his own limited spinoff title. After the reeling events of the Boys’ adventures, Hughie decides it’s high time to go back home and reflect on exactly what the hell is going on with his life. Well, if you’ve ever read a Garth Ennis book, you know that things don’t turn out well. Hughie’s hometown is more than a little messed up, and, of course, our hero gets dumped right in the middle. Ennis writes and frequent collaborator John McCrea draws. Do I even need to say it’s a mature reader title?

Archie Comics

Why in the name of God am I talking about an Archie comic? Well, I’ll let you decide based on the story description. The evil organization C.R.U.S.H. and Mad Doctor Doom have turned Archie’s hometown of Riverdale into a horror film. Now Archie, as the special agent ‘Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.,’ has to battle zombies. Yup, you read that right. Besides still putting out a plethora of comics to keep kids into the hobby, Archie Comics has now officially joined the zombie bandwagon, and I’m going to read it. Besides, one of my favorite all time indie creators Rich Koslowski now works for them and is credited for this issue.

DC Comics

DC Imprint Wildstorm finally wraps up the political super-hero series Ex Machina. Writer Brian Vaughan and artist Tony Harris bring #50 into stores this week. Former costumed adventurer and current New York mayor Mitchell Hundred faces the horrible tragedy that was foretold way back in issue #1 and it all comes to a head in this double sized final issue. Fan favorite Vaughan concluded his 60 issue run of Y The Last Man in a spectacular fashion, so hold on to your hats as Ex Machina spins its last tale. If that’s not enough, Wildstorm honcho and legendary superstar Jim Lee provides a 1-in-10 wraparound variant cover.


Transformers Armada Omnibus Vol. 1 hits the streets this week. Now, I don’t know an Autobot from a tater tot, but IDW has really done some good here with their omnibuses. No, it’s actually not omnibi. This 424 page monster, in full color, no less, details battle between the Decepticons, the Mini-Cons, and the Neo-Cons. I only made up one of those. You want to know the best thing about these huge books? The price! It’s only $17.99 for a whole lot of content. Bravo, IDW! More please.

Image Comics

The rapture is here. The rain is toxic. Cats live with dogs. We have a black president. Image United #3 comes out this week. More than 8 months after issue #2 was released, the superstar jam book from Image finally is here. Image founders Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Jim Valentino, and Marc Silvestri draw the ultimate Image team-up as a threat larger than ever looms over the Image universe. It’s up to nearly the whole stable of characters to fight off that threat. But what happens when they find out it’s one of their own? Dum dum duuuuuummmmmm (ominous music). The story is also by all those guys and another dude nobody’s heard off named Robert Kirkman.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse continues its successful entry into the “try-it-for-a-dollar” world with Hellboy Seed of Destruction #1. Written by John Byrne and illustrated by creator Mike Mignola, this special edition reprints the first issue of the 1994 limited series that introduced the now iconic Hellboy to the world. After a brief appearance in one of Byrne’s creator-owned series at Dark Horse, Hellboy proved popular enough to warrant his own mini. Nobody knew then what a sensation he would turn out to be, launching Mignola’s name into the stratosphere. This series essentially provides the origin of Hellboy as well as most of the basis for the first film. Pick this up for a buck and learn why it is legend.

Well, that’s it for another one. I won’t be skipping any more for some time, now, as I’m completely broke and can’t go on vacation for quite a while. Thanks for reading!!

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