Greg Sez #4 – Comics You Should Be Reading This Week

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Welcome to the Super-Duper America version of Greg Sez. Because of the 4th of July holiday, all of the new comics will be delayed this week until…well, today! I know the 4th was on Sunday and it shouldn’t make a difference, but you see, the shipping schedules of… ah, just trust me. Thursday.

IDW Comics

IDW’s line of Dr. Who Classics continues in the fifth issue of the third ongoing series. The Classics run reprints the hard to get older Dr. Who stories that have been re-colored and wrapped in a brand new cover by Robert Hack. This new installment features the conclusion to the War Game storyline by writer Alan McKenzie and former Hellblazer artist John Ridgway. Revisit the Sixth Doctor’s adventures this week.

Marvel Comics

Hit-Monkey, a ridiculous-shouldn’t-be-entertaining-but-is character, was introduced in his own one-shot in April. Writer Daniel Way introduced a monkey that has learned the ways of the assassin, and then brought him to Deadpool’s regular series. The Monkey returns in his own 3 issue limited series, as Way is re-united with original artist Dalibor Talijic. The new issues bridge the gap between the deadly simian’s two appearances and focuses on his first adventure and the origin of his trademark suit, tie, and shades. Hit Monkey contains a parental advisory label for violence. Really.

Dark Horse Comics

Star Wars: Old Republic #1 tells the story that takes place 300 years after the hit series Knights Of The Old Republic. The first issue of this 6 issue limited series, entitles “Threat of Peace”, focuses on the attempts from both sides to broker a peace agreement between the Sith and the Jedi after the Sith have controlled the Outer Rim of the galaxy. This series is a crucial to the story of the upcoming online multi player online game from LucasArts and BioWare and is written by one of the game’s writers. Artist Alex Sanchez helps scripter Rob Chestney continue the integration of the Star Wars multi-media mythos.

DC Comics

DC’s Vertigo mature reader imprint recently introduced Chris Roberson and Mike Allred’s gravedigger Gwen Dylan. Issue #3 is released Thursday and continues her bizarre adventures. Gwen is also a detective…and a zombie. Once a month she must eat a human brain in order to keep her memories and self-control intact. One hitch with this necessity is the fact that she absorbs the victim’s last thoughts and must complete any unfinished business for the deceased. This month the mystery of Dead Fred is introduced and Spot, her friend (who is a were-terrier. Yeah, you read that right) is having a tough time concealing who he is. This new horror series is an all you can eat buffet of zombies, vampires and ghosts. Oh yeah, and that terrier thing.

Avatar Press

Christos Gage’s (no relation) Absolution was a limited series about a super-hero with a secret life, but not like one would expect. Picture TV’s Dexter with superpowers and you’ll have an idea of the unsettling story. John Dusk is the main character in a world where powers are not only accepted, but sanctioned and used by the police department. The problem starts with one killing, as Dusk succumbs to what he sees as the constant inherent evil of humanity. Getting away with his first murder is the hardest, as his agenda intensifies from there. Artist Roberto Viacava captures the darkness of Gage’s scripts perfectly and the trade paperback collecting the entire series is a must read.

Albatross Exploding Funny Books

Goon creator Eric Powell keeps pumping out work as the third and final issue of the Chimichanga series sees print. This is an oddball for Powell, as it’s basically an all ages comic. Chimichanga is the monster friend of a little girl named Lulu. Lulu’s beard has magical powers. Chimichanga is having a hard time fitting in with the circus due to many things, but not limited to the fact that he keeps trying to eat one of the elephants. This book, written and drawn by Powell, rounds out possibly one of the most bizarre weeks of comics in a while.

Thanks for reading and I’ll try to figure out a few more normal entries next week.

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