Greg Sez #19 – The Return!

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Hi, everybody! Yes, it’s been awhile since you’ve seen one of these. Well, I’ve been busy, okay? Those castles ain’t gonna storm themselves, you know. Anyhow, it’s nice to be back on WPR with a new edition of stuff you really should be reading, and as always, all books are available here at Black Cat Comics in Sugarhouse, Utah. Here goes.

Marvel Comics

Writer Jason Aaron continues to prove that he is quick becoming the definitive writer for the Incredible Hulk. Only on issue #5, he has injected new life into a faltering franchise. Artist Whilce Portacio takes over for original series penciler Marc Silvestri and the cover is done by Leinil Yu. The amazing thing is that both of those artists retain the original flair of Silvestri’s art, while not surrendering their own style. The result is an intensely satisfying comic that reinforces why the Hulk is a Marvel stable character. This week’s issue has the revelation of the entity that split Bruce Banner and his monstrous alter ego, as the government recruits Hulk to take down Banner. The fan is sure to hit the poop.

BOOM Comics

How could the pick be for anything else? This week BOOM unveils the insanely popular (and insanely funny) Adventure Time #1. Based on the Cartoon Network show, writer Ryan North and artist Shelli Paroline chronicle the bizarre adventures of Finn & Jake. Jake is a superpowered dog that can stretch long distances or shape himself into anything he sees fit. And he talks. Finn is the boy with the crazy cool hat that gets he and Jake into trouble and constant oddball quests. There really isn’t a way to describe the awesome weirdness that comprises Adventure Time. Just buy it and prepare yourself.

APE Entertainment

Ape’s Kidzoic imprint continues to bring long lost favorites back for a new generation of kids. Case in point is this week’s Richie Rich Gems Valentine Special. This issue features some classic Richie Rich stories as well as new content. The 13 short stories are so well put together that at first glance it’s hard to tell what’s new and what’s old without taking a minute to analyze the art styles. In typical fashion, Richie uses his vast wealth to impress chicks, but stupid things that nobody needs, and make sure his dog has gold plated dog stuff. In short, it’s the type of fun that most kids don’t know about, so thanks to APE for re-introducing classic Harvey Comics characters to a new audience.

Dark Horse Comics

At first glance, it really doesn’t seem necessary to publish yet another Conan title. At second glance you realize that Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan, the team behind the amazing Demo and Channel Zero series, are the creators of this new #1. Okay. I’ll bite. The two kick off a brand new Conan The barbarian ongoing series, which, I’ll assume, will take over the spot of the Road Of Kings series, with Queen of the Black Coast. Wood has earned his barbarian chops with DC/Vertigo’s Northlanders, so he’s at home here. Cloonan’s artwork, embellished by Eisner winning Dave Stewart’s colors, is at once angular and gritty coupled with clean lines and crisp inks.

Image Comics

Newly minted superstar writer Scott Snyder and soon-to-be superstar Scott Tuft’s Image creepfest continues with Severed. The story of an early 20th century child killer may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you like you horror served up menacing, dirty, and uncomfortable, give this one a shot. The gore really doesn’t take center stage, as what you don’t see becomes just as important as what you do. Atilla Futaki’s atmospheric art pays the perfect compliment to the story, with a painted look that is quite claustrophobic. That’s a good thing in this case, by the way. Pick up the series conclusion at #7 this week.

As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy your comics! If you play your cards right, they will also enjoy you. Or something.

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