Green Wake #2 – Review

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So I just read the first two issues of “Green Wake,” and I am hooked. Green Wake is a brand new series published by Image comics- written by Kurtis Wiebe and art by Rossmo.

If I’m pressed to describe Green Wake, the best that I can do is to call it a noir with supernatural mystery. It takes place in a town called Green Wake, that honestly makes me think of purgatory (think C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce). The actual story of the second issue opens with the discovery of a second body. Green Wake has now been struck with two grisly murders. What makes this even stranger is that when they examine the body one of the characters states “We’ve never had murders, you see. In fact we’ve never seen bodies.” Morley (who seems to be our main character), believes that Ariel is the killer, and what’s more that she is killing in hopes to find clues to somewhere called “Babylon” (though what that is is still unknown).

If all of this sounds a little vague on my part, it is intentional, as this is a mystery, I don’t want to be the jack ass that gives too much away. I will mention one more thing, the longer you stay in Green Wake, the more amphibious you become in appearance, the oldest known resident in town looks like a giant frog. To add to the weirdness, the town has a lot of frogs, and all of them seem to have frogs tattooed on their bellies, much like the ones that our killer is cutting into her victims.

Wiebe and Rossmo have truly brought us something amazing. As to the writing by Wiebe, I really enjoyed this issue, as far as my overall impression I would compare it favorably to Allen Moore’s “The Courtyard,” and the sense of wonder and the bizarre I had the first time I read it. But most of the heavy lifting seems to be done by Rossmo, and his artwork, I think that the art is what is going to make or break the book for a lot of people, I love it (To me it looks like Tim Burton and Mike Mignola had a love child).

STORY: 87%
ART: 93%

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