Alan Smithee

Green Lantern Wondercon Footage

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Wondercon is going on right now didn’t you know? This means that stuff previously unseen by the masses is finally making its way to the interwebs for all of you lovely geeks to consume.

There are a few thoughts when watching this trailer. First, this is following pretty close to the Secret Origins: Green Lantern book that came out from DC a little while back, meaning that we might get to see Atroctious pop his head up in the film…but we do know that Hector Hammond is the first real villain that Hal will face. Second, I always heard a bit of Dick Dastardly when I saw Sinestro, not the voice that came from the CG character…though they got Tomar-Re down perfect. Finally, they’re not showing fans who the big baddy is for this film nor are they showing the Guardians of the Universe, I can only speculate as to why…

Regardless of my thoughts, I think this movie looks fan-fucking-tastic and should do some good to bring us DC loyalists back into the movies. I just regret the time when it comes out. I’m not going to have ANY time to go see this when it hits theaters on June 17th of this year.

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