Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Finale (cuz the wife watched it…)

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I know what you are thinking: Why is some idiot on this silly website that is devoted to geeky things going to talk about Grey’s Anatomy?

There aren’t any hot chicks on it even!

I actually think that is the appeal to a lot of women who watch the program: the women look more normal than the women in Baywatch. Scrubs don’t give sex appeal–which is probably why Eliot (Sarah Chalke) went into private practice on Scrubs. Izzy (Katherine Heigle) never did it for me, and it doesn’t bother me she is gone. The one woman I thought was worth looking at–Little Gray (Chyler Leigh)–went blond, and so now I don’t care about any of the women physically.

So why am I watching it? The wife likes it.

You know that is enough. She has sat through so much of what I love. She is still clueless about what that Green Lantern animated movie was about (A ring? A green ring? Is it magic). She patiently sat through Hellboy 2 without seeing the first (Why is that guy red? Why does he have a huge fist? What is on his head?) She has grown to like Star Wars and Star Trek. She does, however, still get confused by Spider-Man and Superman–they both wear red and blue, after all.

So I have sat through the last two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe more, I get confused. I did draw the line at Brothers and Sisters. She watches that alone. I would not go to the theatre to see It’s Complicated, but we did catch it at home together. What do you watch because your significant other puts up with your geeky crap?

As for my review of the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy: Meh. The only people who died were the new doctors they brought on board earlier this year (I think–as I said, I get confused). No surprise. It lacked that humor that cracks me up as I watch it because it was all serious because of the concocted plot. The conceit of a guy with a gun? Yeah, ripped straight from the news. Well, at least I have three or four months until the next season.

Right now, the wife has gone to bed. Time for me to catch up on the last three episodes of Chuck.

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