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Grand Theft Auto V: The DLC Wait

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Rockstar has dropped another update for GTA (Grand Theft Auto) this past month with the “Independence Day” package that has brought us a slew of new swag, with some new content in the effort of expanding the world of Los Santos. The Independence Day update has some fresh fixin’s for that crazy honky in you all: an antique musket, a fire-work rocket-launcher, lots of red white & blue themed clothing for the fashionably expressive patriot, new masks including an eagle, and two new vehicles. But the best part is the addition to the Dynasty 8 real estate website, allowing fellow virtual felons in GTA to buy houses on the northern edge of the map, including property in Paleto Bay with garages for up to six cars. A six car limit is pretty weak in my opinion, but at least now us lone-wolf players can have a house in a secluded area, that still has all the amenities of the game.


Grand Theft Auto V
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All this might be fine and dandy for some players. But, I’m a bit impatient. Yeah it’s nice to get new gear for your avatar. But when are we going to get the chance to make some substantial cash in the GTA? Where is the “Heist” update? When can we easily start making enough money to own more than one super-car (diggin’ that Zentorno though), or at least be able to afford to buy a Buzzard Attack Chopper. But more importantly: Where are the glitch fixes? Why am I still being separated from the friends I’m in a party with into a different ‘free mode’ session, after a mission? At the time of this article being published, Take 2 will have sold over 33 million copies of GTA V. This puts sales figures well over $1.5 billion. Knowing this, one would think that the support team is paid well enough to address issues with GTA online as soon as they arise. This remains to be seen, but I won’t give up so easily.

Word hit the streets soon after the latest update, that we might have yet another update for GTA, before the end of July, which hopefully will include heists to the game. This update is rumored to be released before the end of the month of July, with a load of surprises to satisfy players. Hoping to be included in this next GTA update, besides the heists, will be more car storage for players properties, a casino and gambling, more realistic police, and maybe a new way to make money, along with new music. The last of which I am most eager for. New music being added to GTA would almost make it seem new, and completely freshen up the environment of Los Santos.

We’ll see in the weeks to come how Rockstar copes with all the demands and wishes of players. My hopes are high, as this has been my favorite game series for a long time. Rockstar really has the opportunity to knock it out of the park with GTA, if all goes well with this next DLC. Best of luck to ’em!

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