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Gotham Season 1, Episode 6 “Season of the Goat” – That time there was a creepy sponge bath

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Gotham’s sixth episode, titled “Season of the Goat,” is full of fun nods to Edward Nygma’s future character, to who Bullock used to be, and to who Cobblepot is quickly becoming.

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A decade ago, Bullock was a rookie just like Gordon is now. He was eager to find murderers, thieves, and other criminals. Bullock and his partner, Dicks (who is like Bullock is in the present: bull-headed, alcoholic, and doesn’t believe in heroes), are on the case of “The Goat,” a man who is kidnapping and killing the first-born of Gotham’s richest families.

I enjoyed being able to see Bullock’s other side. It provided a great backstory for his character, and seeing him actually care about his old partner (who’s now in a home, while Bullock pays his bills. Say it with me: awwww). Bullock and his old partner rushed into the crime scene, and Dicks was hurt, but the Goat was killed.

Now, in the present, the Goat is back, and Bullock and Gordon are on the case. They believe it’s a copycat killer, but the coin sewn in the back of the victim’s head is something that was never included in the police reports ten years ago. How could the copycat know about it? After some keen intuition on Bullock’s part, the detectives find the new murderer and victim at the same building as the previous killer. A fight breaks out, but they bring him in. During interrogation, he doesn’t say anything, just clenches his fist. Bullock realizes that’s the same thing the father of the first victim was doing. Turns out the father’s therapist was hypnotizing these people and turning them into the Goat. She tries to get away, but Bullock shoots her in the foot.

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This was a pretty cool story line. But, of course, the most interesting parts to me were the other characters. Montoya and Allen find an eye-witness to Gordon’s supposed murder of Oswald Cobblepot. They arrest him, and it looks like he might be in some serious trouble when who should show up at the police precinct but Cobblepot himself. Man, he has some seriously amazing entrances. He’s even dressed up in a brand new suit courtesy of his mother. Yep, we got to see Momma Cobblepot again! As much as I love her, this was a seriously creepy scene: she gives him a sponge bath.

My favorite part of the episode though was that we finally, finally see more of Edward Nygma. Instead of just jokes and brush off of his riddles, we actually get a fully-fledged conversation between Nygma and Kristen Kringle (hehe). He’s absolutely adorable but bothersome and annoying. Like most of the other things on Gotham, Nygma is a little over the top and has the potential to be way too cartoony, but right now, I’m enjoying him. He’s odd enough right now. Let’s just hope they don’t go overboard. And that question mark on his coffee mug? Perfectly neat little nod to his future. What will take him over the edge and turn him into a villain? I can’t wait to find out!

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