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Gotham: Season 1, Episode 10 “Lovecraft”

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Gotham’s season 1 finale aired this week and it is…well, ridiculous. But we do get to see Bruce Wayne hopping from roof to roof.

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As Selina teaches Bruce to balance (and continues to be obsessed with kissing him), an assassin makes her way into the Manor. Alfred attempts to subdue her as Selina and Bruce make a run for it. Gordon arrives at the Manor and Alfred tells him he believes the assassin was after Selina. When Bullock shows up with a picture of Selina another assassins had, Gordon must come clean about Dent’s plan to make LoveCraft feel guilty (see last week’s recap).

Selina is convinced the assassins were after Bruce. She wants to hide him safely in the city, but when she gets him to a phone, she attempts to leave. Of course she knows the assassins were after her. As she breaks this news, she also says that she never planned to testify in the Wayne murder case. Selina tries to run, but Bruce jumps from roof to roof to follow her.

Falcone is unhappy about the money that was taken and thinks Maroni is behind it. Cobblepot attempts to convince him that it wasn’t, but Falcone doesn’t believe him. Oswald says it’s clear there’s a mole in his ranks and he’ll find it. Falcone holds a meeting of his own. He shoots the man that was in charge of keeping the armory safe. Mooney is visibly shaken by this. I don’t think she realizes how ruthless he is.

Gordon goes to confront Dent about the assassins finding out Selina’s location. They go search some of LoveCraft’s buildings. Gordon, of course, goes to the one where Lovecraft is hiding. He tells him he wasn’t responsible for the hit on Selina. As he explains the run on Wayne stock right before their death, the assassins show up. Gordon is knocked out. When he awakes, Lovecraft is dead. Bullock calls Gordon to say he knows where Selina is and they are on the way.

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Selina and Bruce go see her buyer, Clyde, after a strange run-in with Ivy at “the Flea,” a mall for street kids. He’s super sketchy and offers her $50 for thousands of bucks worth of stuff. She says no, but he won’t let them go. Clyde says his friends are on their way for her. What a friend! Only besties turn in each other to assassins.

When the assassins show up, she attacks them and escapes. Bullock and Alfred show up and start kicking butt. Bruce runs to distract the assassins from Selina and Gordon shows up right on time to save Bullock. The female assassins corners Bruce to ask where Selina is. He sees her slipping out a window, but says she’s gone. The little liar. Alfred comes over and the assassins slips away. Alfred and Bruce hug out their happiness in seeing each other.

The mayor is pissed that Lovecraft is dead. Gordon wants him to tell the truth: Lovecraft was a crook, but the Mayor is going to tell the press it was suicide. Dent agrees to go along with this plan. The Mayor plans to make Gordon the scapegoat. Gordon responds, and I want to warn you: I literally laughed out loud at this. “Mayor James, kiss my ass!” Lololol. I guess these guys just don’t care how ridiculous they’re getting now.

The Mayor decides to send Gordon to work at Arkham. Bullock thinks Gordon should just quit. Selina slips into the Manor to see Bruce. She never got to say goodbye. She brings back the stuff she stole from him, but does steal something else: a kiss.

The episode ends with Gordon walking through the gates to Arkham. Bum bum bum. There was a preview for the next season and I just don’t know. This season was like a rollercoaster. I liked an episode then hated the next. One episode was serious and awesome and the next was ridiculous and cartoony. I don’t know how I feel about Gotham, and I can’t honestly say whether or not I’ll watch next season.

Will you?

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