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Got Dragon Age II on PC? Get Mass Effect 2 Gratis

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Yes, you read that right, if you’re on of the one-million PC gamers who bought Dragon Age II in the last 2 weeks, BioWare wants to reward you AND anyone who purchases the game between now and the 30th of April. Your reward? Oh just one of the best RPGs in recent memory, Mass Effect 2!

You read that correctly, they’re giving it away to anyone who buys Dragon Age II for the next few weeks and they have a way for people who were early adopters of the game to get their copy of Mass Effect 2. Keep in mind that this is just the Mass Effect 2 core game, not the Cerberus Network or any of the DLC packs…but still, free is free for a damn fine game.

They’re doing this nice little special to celebrate Dragon Age II hitting the 1,000,000 sold mark. Sorry console gamers, you’re shit outta luck this time around…this is PC gaming only.


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