Google Glass Goes Public

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Finally, after a long long long long time of it being essentially vaporware for tech enthusiasts like myself, Google has decided to open the Google Glass Explorer program to the public. The catch is that you’ll be paying a hefty $1500.00 to get in on the action. That’s right, four months of car payments or one month of a decent mortgage for the chance of being on the beta program.

google glass

I’m a supporter of wearable tech, but asking $1500 is still a bit too much for me to jump in with both feet. That’s the equivalent of buying a new 70″ tv and a PS4 with a few bucks left over for a game…I just can’t justify it right now. It does look like a hell of a product and one that I’d GLADLY get into if it were at a more acceptable price.

If you happen to have the cash set aside to pick one up, you can do so via their website HERE, only make sure you send us a comment or two to let us know how it is working out for you. Meanwhile, I’ll remain jealous over here. Cheers!

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