Alan Smithee

Goodbye Ender’s Game’s Game

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About 2 years ago, the guys from Chair (developers of the totally great Shadow Complex) announced that they were developing a game that was based on the Ender’s Game series of books. At first the nerds everywhere were pissed off, then they started to accept it. Now however, they need to learn how to deal with grief because the game is officially shitcanned.

If you’re looking for a villain in all of this mess, don’t blame Chair…it wasn’t them who decided that it was time for the IP to get cut. THAT blame lies solely on the bigwigs at Epic who purchased the studio. It seems that Epic doesn’t like trying to deal with all of the drama that comes from trying to publish a game based on another creator’s work when it’s much easier to make their own similar story.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something like Bender’s Game or Lender’s Flame in the future that bears a striking resemblance to the Ender’s Game characters and story…but just different enough to not get sued. See video below:

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