Brian West

Geek Dad Report, Episode 9 – The Substitute

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News so good it almost killed Ryan.

I bring sad news to our faithful fans, Ryan has been bitten by a Zombie and is now under quarantined till a cure is found. Luckily fellow WPR writer and geek dad Kyle has stepped up to the plate and agreed to listen to me talk about another week of awesome geek news. This week we cover more Avengers/Captain America 3 news, comic shows getting renewed and canceled, plus new shows that have been ordered, the demise of the X-Men movie universe, the Suicide Squad, Joker and Harley Quinn, and lots of cool science stuff. So join Kyle and I as we geek out and talk about all the things we love and hate in this great nerd universe of ours. Plus I might just dance at the end…seriously though, I do dance.

As always, we want to hear from you guys. What did you think of Kyle guest hosting? Should we make Ryan and him fight to the death in a Thunderdome style blood match, or maybe I should hold a Bachelor style rose ceremony? It’s all on the table and in the hands of you our faithful viewers. So get better Ryan so we can decide your fate. Just kidding…or am I. Find out next week!

This Weeks Recommendations:

Kyle: He hated the movie Hot Pursuit and thinks it would be better to just Google Sofia Vergara instead. You can read his full hate filled review here.
Brian: I believe everybody needs a dancing baby Groot in their lives. No matter how bad your day is, baby Groot will help brighten it and fill you with a little happiness. Plus it will instantly make you dance. If you don’t know who baby Groot is then I also recommend you crawl out from under the rock you’ve been living under and watch Guardians of the Galaxy.

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