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Geek Dad Report, Episode 70 – News, Reviews, and Drunk Harrison Ford

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Fortune and glory kid.

Welcome to the 70th Han Solo-tastic episode of the Geek Dad Report!!! This week on the show we are joined by special guest Harrison Ford, and boy does he get out of control real quick. I mean, you leave that guy in the green room with 3 bottles of tequila and things go sideways real freaking fast. That Han Solo is one crazy piece of plastic. Don’t look at me like that, sure our Harrison Ford happens to be an action figure and not the real person, but that doesn’t stop the Ford trail from going off the tracks real quick. Trust me, you want want to see this.

Also filling this episode with all the awesome is news about a Jurassic World trilogy, Benicio del Toro vs Predator, a live-action Stan Lee fake biopic, Star Trek show delays, Mr. Sinister and Old Man Logan, Ghost Rider and Agents of SHIELD, Game of Thrones, Viking’s return, Star Wars Episode VIII, Batman’s new suit, and much much more.

We also answer questions from the Faithful 50, give our Geek Dad moments of the week, review Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse in Crap or Craptastic, and lastly Ryan reviews some killer new headphones from Rosewill and I show you my amazing ninja art skills I learned while reviewing Drawing Superheroes Step by Step.

With this much stuff packed into one show you better get ready to have your mind blown with nerd knowledge and your funny bone snapped in half with humor, because the Geek Dads are coming in hard and fast…and with Han Solo chasing them demanding much more booze. Damn that guy should’ve just stayed dead. Enjoy!!

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