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Geek Dad Report, Episode 62 – Ghostbusters, Pokemon Go, and the Sulu Slap Fight

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Episode 62 of the Geek Dad Report is here!! Quick, throw a Pokeball at it.

Welcome Pokeman hunters to the 62nd version of the one show dedicated to all the news you need to know like why Pokeman Go is taking over the nation, all the new Flash set photos featuring Kid Flash and possibly Black Racer, Suicide Squad potential monster opening weekend, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child possibly coming to a theater near you, why Marvel hates their Hulk-sized heroes, Nintendo’s new Nintendo, the new Pennywise, the Rock’s massive paycheck, Game of Thrones 23 Emmy nominations, the Star Trek Sulu Slapfight showdown, and much much more!!!

We also answer questions from the Faithful 50, talk about our Geek Dad Moments of the week, and finally give our weekly recommendations. So as you can see we have a jammed-packed show for you guys that…wait a second. We feel like we’re forgetting something. Oh ya, that’s right. We also have our Geek Dad Reel Review of the surprise hit of the year, Ghostbusters. Who you gonna call? Us, that’s who. We got all the things you need to know, so buckle up buttercup, it’s go time. Enjoy!!

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