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Geek Dad Report, Episode 61 – The New Iron Man and Marvel’s Diversity Dilemma

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I am Iron Man…eh, I mean woman. I am Iron Woman.

Welcome to the 61st episode of opinionated insanity known simply as the Geek Dad Report!!

This week we have an in-depth talk about Marvel’s decision to make big changes to Iron Man and how they might be forcing the issue in their attempt to make their comics more diversified. We also discuss how Marvel could learn a thing or two from how DC handles diversity in their comics.

We also have an action -packed ninja news segment that features stories about Power Rangers, Skrulls, Pixar sequels, CW’s Arrow and Flash being affected by Flashpoint, Netflix’s CW deal, a possible Squirrel Girl MCU appearance, and finally how Star Wars Rebels could be affecting the Star Wars films going forward.

Plus we answer questions from the Faithful 50, talk about the 4th of July weekend in our Geek Dad moments of the week, and last but not least we give you our list of shows you should binge on over the summer!!! It’s another marveltastic episode of the one show that guarantees to fist you full of pop culture knowledge. Enjoy!!

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