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Geek Dad Report, Episode 51 – Star Wars Rebels, Fans vs Critics, and all the Latest with BvS DC

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The force is strong with these two.

This week on the Geek Dad Report, Brian is joined by special guest Alan and together they bring you all the geek news you need to know. News including, but not limited to, all the latest about Batman v Superman, Star Wars: The Force Awakens home release, Alien day, Deadpool’s box office magic, X-Men movies and spin-offs, even more news about the upcoming DC movie universe, and much much more. We also manage to have a discussion about fans vs critics and why they’re both wrong. Finally we wrap the show up with questions from the faithful 50, recommendations, and a fun nerd-out conversation about the epic season two finale of Star Wars Rebels.

There are also a couple small show notes I wanted to mention, first one being that Ryan has officially started his moving process and we’re not sure how available he’s going to be for the show in the next couple months. So expect to see guest hosts, solo shows, and maybe even a week or two break for the show. Now don’t fret, Ryan will be back as soon as he can, but until then we just wanted to let everybody know that there will be a few temporary changes and possible interruptions to the show. And the second thing I wanted to talk about was that due to Skype sucking, Alan only appears in force ghost voice glory on this week’s show. We tried to make our technology work for an entire hour before we said screw it, so in immortal words of Han Solo, “It’s not our fault”. Enjoy!!

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