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Geek Dad Report, Episode 50 – The Drunk Episode

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Drink, Drank, Drunk.

Welcome to the boozetastic 50th episode of the Geek Dad Report!! This week Ryan and I wanted to do something memorable to celebrate our big GDR milestone, so we decided to get shit-faced drunk and record the long requested Drunk Episode. We warn you, it’s long, it’s FULL of bad language, and we really do get wasted and ramble a lot. That said, we have a lot of fun and somehow make it all the way through the show despite our high level of intoxication. We even managed to squeeze in a guest appearance from our friend Xopher Reed for the last 40 mins of the show. So join us in our drunken stupor, and enjoy for this one time only, The Drunk Episode.

Now if the above show description doesn’t sell you on this week’s episode and you really need to know more before you’re willing to fully commit your time to watching, here’s a list of all the wonderful things you can expect to find on the Drunk Episode. First up on this week’s Ninja News we talk Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, why critics are a-holes, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Doc Savage, The Rock taking over Hollywood, Shane Black’s Predator, the first LEGO Batman trailer, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead finale, more about Batman v Superman, and of course Star Wars. We also review Bill and Ted go to Hell #1 and #2 in Comics you Crave. Finally, we answer all the questions from the Faithful 50, have a discussion about Netflix’s Daredevil, and then rant about getting old. And of course we do all this while getting absolutely wasted. So if watching two Geek Dads talk about all their favorite things while under the influence of the Devil’s cough syrup sounds awesome, then we got you covered. Enjoy!

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