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GDC 2011: Team Meat Bemoans Poor Xbox Live Support

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If you needed any more confirmation as far as Microsoft’s status as evil video game overlords, look no further than Team Meat’s co-CEO Tommy Refenes’ recent speech at GDC. According to Refenes, Microsoft did everything in their power to undermine Super Meat Boy‘s chances for success, including deciding at the last minute to release Costume Quest, another popular XBLA game, on the same day. Meat Boy and Costume Quest were the only two games not given their own separate week of release during Xbox’s “Game Feast” promotion.

On the day of it’s release, Team Meat found that there was nothing about Meat Boy on XBLA’s spotlight section, as Microsoft had promised. It was only after petitioning Microsoft by email, that they finally made good on their promise. Unfortunately, Microsoft deemed advertisements for previously released games and the Mazda 3 more important than Meat Boy, who remained in the fourth slot the entire week.

“…because you all go on Xbox to figure out what car you want, right?”

-Tommy Refenes

Thankfully, Team Meat found more success on Steam. The PC version of Super Meat Boy sold exponentially better than the console, currently approaching 400,000 sales.

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