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Gasp, is Siri the Anti-HAL 9000?

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With all of the politics and drama that goes on in the real world that most of us WPR staff try to avoid, we rely on our gadgets and gaming systems to be impartial bastions of neutrality…like they’re some sort of mechanical and digital versions of Switzerland.

The last thing that any of us want is a smart phone that thinks that it has the right answers ALL of the time. Siri, the only reason pretentious Apple geeks actually picked up the iPhone 4S, is apparently no better than HAL 9000 when deciding what is BEST for its user.

Over at a blog called The Abortioneers (yes, that is the site’s real name), there has been a rash of lady users who have been noticing that when you ask Siri very direct questions about how and where you can go to remove a uterine parasite, a pre-human, a fetus, a fertilized ovum, or even a child (if you want to think of it as one), it gives you some interesting results.

For example, if you ask Siri where you can find some emergency contraception, it more than likely will be confused and not be able to help you. In some cases, it even gives you completely wrong responses. However, if you ask Siri where you can go to get a blowjob, it will list escort services in the area. If you tell Siri that you’ve had an erection for an extended amount of time, it’ll return nearby hospitals.

I personally think that it’s set up this way, not from some sort of political bent, but mainly because the ‘AI’ was developed by a guy or team of guys who didn’t really think of the world in the terms of abortion, planned parenthood, or even condom.

Go check out the leg work that the Abortioneers have done regarding this and if you want to try it yourself, there’s always Wolfram Alpha (which Siri cross references).

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