Garry’s Mod DRM Aimed To Annoy Pirates.

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Garry’s mod has new DRM and I love it.

Garry’s Mod is a virtual sandbox that was originally a mod for Half-life 2. In it users can pose with, play with, an just screw with anything built into the Half-Life 2 engine. The game’s developer Garry Newman has just released some new DRM and it’s pretty awesome.

This DRM, aimed at pirates, gives those who are using a cracked version of steam to access the game illegally an error pop-up stating that the polygon shaders in game are broken. While this wouldn’t be news to anybody since all DRM is meant to stop piracy, this isn’t why he has released this “error” into the game. This pop-up is meant to lead pirates onto the Garry’s mod forum to seek help so that those who have paid for a legal copy of the game can point and laugh at the dirty pirate.

Via his Twitter and the Garry’s Blog Newman talks about why he added this update into the game

“Pirates don’t really react well to being punished, they just find another way – which is inevitable…That’s not to say that we should make pirates lives easier…I did this for the people that DID buy Garry’s Mod. They get to point and laugh at pirates. If we leave it easy for people to pirate we’re betraying the people that paid…I’m banning pirates that seek support from us on the Forums for a game they didn’t buy. You wouldn’t believe how many people seek support for a cracked version of GMod that is over 2 years old.”

If you pirate the game, why should you expect any help? I love it when developers find ways to stick it to pirates without inconveniencing those who paid for the game (I’m looking at you, Ubisoft). Any form of DRM can be cracked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t annoy pirates. I tip my cap and pour one out for Garry Newman because he is a true hero.

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