Ryan Thomason

Gamers Not Opening Their Wallets?

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For the second straight month, and 10th in the last year, the industry saw sales drop, year over year. According to the NPD Group, which compiles monthly sales statistics for the video games business, total revenues in January came in at $1.16 billion, down 5 percent from $1.22 billion in January 2010.

As someone who use to buy nearly every cool game that came out and play them for hours on end, I can say that I’m apart of the trend of not doing so anymore. I doubt I’ll buy a game this year, or even next. I don’t see myself buying anything new until my son is old enough to really play. Though, at that point he has to start with my old NES, respect for the past and all.

Are you buying less games, or waiting for the prices to drop? Or do you spend with no abandon like most of us did before we got married and starting having kids. Let us know!

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