Ryan Wilson

GameFly Mailing Service is Legally Getting Better

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As we explained back in March, GameFly hasn’t been very happy with the special treatment other disc mailers such as Netflix and Blockbuster have been getting. Looks like this is about to change.

The United States Postal Regulatory Commission, in the case that the USPS was wrongfully discriminating and overcharging GameFly, has ruled in favor of GameFly. So what does this mean for the consumer? For starters, GameFly envelopes will be able to drop the cardboard protector, as they were only deemed necessary to prevent damage from machine sorting. The additional money saved is astronomical, as they currently pay around $1.05 per disc This extra money could lead to additional distribution centers, which GameFly desperately needs.

The USPS has 60 days to comply to this ruling, so expect slimmer orange envelopes appearing in your mailbox (hopefully faster) soon.

The full court decision can be found here, but be warned…it’s a page turner.

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