GAME trialling preowned preorders

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Alright, what genius at GAME’s offices thought this was a good idea?

If MCV’s sources are to be believed then GAME is going to begin letting customers preorder preowned games. Preowned versions of new titles will be able to be preordered for a week after their release at £33.99, which in reality is only slightly cheaper than the £39.99 GAME charge for most new titles. Crysis 2, Homefront, Dragon Age II, Shift 2: Unleashed and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 are currently the only games which are a part of this trial.

This is a stupid idea if you ask me. The impression I get is that GAME wants to try and get back some of the people who actually have sense when they want a game day one and go online to find the cheapest price. I’ve known of many games where you can find a new copy of it to preorder for about that same £33.99 price online. Aside from that, why would you want a pre-owned copy when a new copy is only a few pounds more at that point? I can’t see this going down well with game publishers either, especially the likes of EA with their Online Pass bullshit. No one is going to want to pre-order a preowned version of a new title with the knowledge that they’ll effectively have a limited version of that game. Don’t be surprised to see this scheme fall on its arse within a few months into its existence.

Source: MCV

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