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Game of Thrones: Second Sons

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tyrSecond Sons showed us the true stature of several characters, grooming hero and antihero alike.  Some now have a long way to fall, some have yet further to climb, and others have just found their feet firmly beneath them.  In terms of character development, this was quite a crescendo, and more than satisfying.

This episode of Game of Thrones truly belongs to Peter Dinklage.  He owned the screen, and absolutely provided the most memorable performance of not only the episode, but of this season so far.  If he doesn’t receive some official recognition for his work here, there will have been a serious miscarriage of award handing outness.  Playing opposite Dinklage, Sophie Turner has also been a joy to watch this episode.

Another pleasing emergence is Maisie Williams as Arya.  The gradual character development we have been witness to in her performance is fairly remarkable for an actor her age.  Really, aside from Tyrion, she is my favorite character.  I’d love to see a spinoff starring Tyrion and Aria as crime fighters or something.

With an ensemble cast like this, I feel bad singling out single performances, when all of them have been very good.  I apologize for my blatant favoritism.  You will all just have to try harder to impress me.

Before I forget myself I’ll recap, a bit, try not to spoil anything.

Across the Narrow Sea

Daenerys is collecting an army of freed slaves, and now mercenaries.  She has become very queen like but still appears t bit rough around the edges.  However, I get the feeling those rough edges are only visible because she wants them to be.  At least that is the impression I’m getting from Emilia Clarke’s performance, which is enthralling to watch.

At Dragonstone

Melisandre attends to Gendry, and I fear the boy is more than a little confused.  Also, leaches do not go there.  At least they apparently decided not to kill Gendry, but only to bleed him a bit.  I would suppose the lord of light doesn’t care how he gets his blood, as long as it is the blood of a king.  I think.  That whole lord of light thing confuses me.

North of The Wall

Sam is still struggling with fire, and talking to girls.  Seeing as how he only has a girl to talk to, he should probably figure that out.  It’s almost painfully awkward to watch, and it’s long past time Sam actually did something.   Sure enough, Sam did something all right.  I don’t really want to spoil it; it was a pretty awesome high note that ended the episode.  My sincere compliments to John Bradley for his performance here, it was the most exciting Sam has ever been, and a critical moment for the character what John absolutely nailed.

In the Riverlands

TXuKrb8uO1RlArya previously picked up by The Hound, Sandor Clegane, opens the episode by attempting to sneak up on him while sleeping and hit him with a big rock.  However, he wasn’t asleep, but he at least offered her one free shot.  Rory McCann has been doing an excellent job as a perplexing character, and one I’m not sure I will ever figure out.  I’m not sure we are meant to figure him out.  The performance here always makes me feel uneasy, without actually fearing for the well being of Arya.  Although I do worry a bit about him being stuck with her, I’m not sure it’s wise to travel alone with Arya Stark.

In King’s Landing

game-of-thrones-second-sons-wedding_article_story_mainThis whole arrangement of scenes is absolutely outstanding.  Here we have the wedding of Tyrion and Sansa Stark.  One of my favorite moments, aside from the moments Peter Dinklage has stolen and refuses to return, not that I’m asking, was Olenna Tyrell trying to figure out how everyone will soon be related.  It was almost as if Joan Rivers was implanted into the story for a moment.  Aside from that, we all want to slap Joffrey a few more times, and Sansa is handling this like a champion.  The moment after the wedding, she realizes Tyrion is not a bad guy seems an unnatural relief.  It’s not hard to feel genuinely bad for these two.

I’ll give this episode a solid 4 out of 5 crows.  I think I’ll use crows to rate these.  Since trying to be clever has caused me to be unable to pluck a rating reverence from this episode.   Those are European crows if you were curious.

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